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Hotstuff Background

cfbtsHotstuff Calendar Since the 80’s

The HotStuff Calendar began in the late 1980’s. It was created as a fundraiser to raise awareness for the Calgary Firefighters cherished charity, the Calgary Burn Treatment Centre. Larry, a firefighter and photographer organized and produced the early years of the calendar.

The firefighters who modeled for the calendar were originally selected as part of the Ladies Night Out event. They would do runway work and entice the female audience for their vote. Now the selections are made from volunteers. When there are more than 13 good-looking guys, we double up a few of the months as a bonus for the women buying the calendar.

The calendar has changed its look and size over the years and even had one edition that was black and white. The graphic designers have worked hard to give the calendar a strong look that goes beyond the normal calendar page.

In the last few years the Firefighters Museum Society Calgary have been supplying the old fire trucks and props used in the backgrounds. These guys are great, giving interesting histories on the gear used. Many of their stories have made it into the little side notes sprinkled throughout the older calendars.

The Hotstuff calendar has won many awards for its design and photography. It is considered one of the best firefighter calendars available and is hotly anticipated each year.