$1.35 Million Dollar Donation

2017-07-01T00:26:36+00:00 December 6th, 2013|Events, Health Trust|

1.35 Million + One Piggy Bank On November 21, 2013 we announced our 1.35 million dollar plus one piggy bank donation to the Foothills Hospital Burn Unit. The piggy bank belongs to 5 year old Brody Lingren who was dressed up in his own firefighter bunker gear and contributed $300 of his own money earned [...]

Know Where Your Donations Are Going – Beware of Misrepresentation

2017-07-01T00:33:14+00:00 December 18th, 2012|Events|

  Know Where Your Donations Are Going It has come to our attention an organization calling themselves “The Burn Victims Aid Society” or “BVAS” based out of Lethbridge, Alberta is approaching businesses across Canada representing themselves as a charity raising funds through the use of coin operated breathalyzer and prize vending machines. They purportedly claim [...]