Alberta Innovates Grant for Burn Research

2017-07-01T01:19:30+00:00 February 9th, 2013|Research & Tech|

  Alberta Innovates Grant for Burn Research With the assistance of the CFBTS Dr. Jeff Biernaskie and Dr. Vincent Gabriel of the Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Centre have received the Alberta Innovates Provincial Grant! This $1.125 million dollar grant provides funding for at least three years to help improve wound healing for burn survivors. The [...]

Brody Lingren Donation & Provincial Grant

2017-07-01T02:44:11+00:00 December 19th, 2012|Health Trust, Research & Tech|

  Brody Lingren Donation & Provincial Grant Five year old Brody Lindgren, with the blessing of his mother Heidi generously donated his piggy bank to the “Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society” (CFBTS) in November. Brody’s generosity comes at a time of great leaps and bounds our Society is making with research support. A recent grant [...]

Transplant of Adult Human Dermal Precursors to Improve Split Thickness Skin Grafts

2017-07-01T01:20:27+00:00 January 26th, 2012|Research & Tech|

  Investigators: Jeff Biernaskie (project leader), University of Calgary; Vincent Gabriel, University of Calgary Description: The surgical standard of care for deep burns and wounds is autologous split thickness skin grafting (STSG). It can be done quickly and may be lifesaving. Unfortunately, because only the superficial layers of skin can usually be harvested, STSGs do [...]