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The Burn Unit Team

The burn unit team is comprised of highly skilled health care professionals who work together to provide care to the burn patient to ensure the best possible outcome. The following personnel are part of the team:

cfbtsMedical Staff

Burn patients are under the care of plastic surgeons. The plastic surgeons look after the physical aspects of the damage caused by burns and attempt to improve appearance and function to the areas affected with minimal evidence of scarring. The surgeons also supervise resident doctors who are specializing in burn care and plastic surgery and work as part of the team in providing the patient with the best opportunity for recovery.

cfbtsNursing Staff

The patient care manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the burn care centre and coordinates the activities of the burn unit team. Registered nurses provide the bedside care and oversee all treatments the patients receive. They also provide support for the patient and the family.


The physiotherapist helps the patient regain physical function, strength and endurance through exercises, mobilization and physical aides.

cfbtsOccupational Therapist

The occupational therapist assists the patient in becoming more independent through therapeutic activities and special devices. He/she also ensures proper positioning of limbs with splints and manage scars with pressure garments and special products.

cfbtsSocial Worker

The social worker provides counseling and emotional support. He/she assists in practical problems such as financial assistance and discharge planning.


The dietician ensures the patient receives a high calorie, high protein diet required for healing burn injuries.

cfbtsSpiritual Care

Spiritual Care offers support for all the patients and their families regardless of religious affiliation.


The psychiatrist and the psychiatric nurse assist the patient and the family in the management of psychological problems such as acute stress syndrome, adjustment difficulties and depression.