Jeff Biernaskie is an Assistant Professor of Stem Cell Biology in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary. Biernaskie is a course lecturer in developmental neurobiology, cell biology, embryology and the course coordinator for the Veterinary Medicine Graduate course in Regenerative Medicine.

cfbtsAlberta Innovates Grant for Burn Research

With the assistance of the CFBTS Dr. Jeff Biernaskie and Dr. Vincent Gabriel of the Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Centre have received the Alberta Innovates Provincial Grant! This $1.125 million dollar grant provides funding for at least three years to help improve wound healing for burn survivors. The CBFTS is also proud to announce we have contributed an additional $300,000 dollars to the three year project.

This grant and direct support from the CFBTS is aimed towards “Autologous Adult Dermal Stem Cell Transplantation to Improve Function of Split Thickness Grafts”. The research is exploring new methods using adult stem cells to improve the function of skin grafts used to help heal burn wounds focusing on the deep dermis layer of skin. Listen to Dr. Biernaskie and Dr. Gabriel explain the process in this video. It is estimated human trials could begin in a mere five years time.

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