cfbtsBrody Lingren Donation & Provincial Grant

Five year old Brody Lindgren, with the blessing of his mother Heidi generously donated his piggy bank to the “Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society” (CFBTS) in November.

Brody’s generosity comes at a time of great leaps and bounds our Society is making with research support. A recent grant by the Alberta provincial government was recently awarded to the burn unit Dr’s Biernaskie and Gabriel to aid in skin research. This grant and direct support from the CFBTS is aimed towards “Autologous Adult Dermal Stem Cell Transplantation to Improve Function of Split Thickness Grafts”. What does this mean for firefighters and the public?

Our goal with support is to make healing from burn injuries quicker, less painful and have a more normal appearance. This research will also support healing non-fire injury related skin diseases that affect a large portion of the population. Support from this grant and the CFBTS will have wide ranging positive implications for skin health.

Along with a tour of Dr.Jeff Biernaskie’s lab, Brody was excited to meet the rest of the ‘team’ that is involved with research involving skin disease. Brody’s generosity will support the many initiatives spearheaded by the CFBTS.

Brody's Piggy Bank Donation

Back Row: Heidi Lindgren (Mother), Ray Musulak FF (President), Dr.Jeff Biernaskie (Research Scientist), Dr.Vince Gabriel (Research Physician)
Front Row: Brody Lindgren, Dr. Duncan Nickerson (Director Burn Treatment Unit), Ross Pambrun FF/RN (Chief Science Officer)