After 30 years of dedicated service to the City of Calgary as a firefighter, Captain Rod Griffith will be hanging up his helmet later this year.
Rod began his career in 1991 as a firefighter. After seeing the great work that the CFBTS had been doing Rod put up his hand to help out. Twenty-eight years later Rod is still one of the Burn Treatment Society’s most active volunteers. In November, Rod will step away from his current position as Legacy Director.
“Rod has been volunteering with the CFBTS longer than any of us have been firefighters” acknowledged current Secretary, Jason Matthews. “He brings a lot of knowledge about our history and that will be missed.”
If you have been out to any CFBTS events you’d recognize Rod. Early on, Rod served as Vice-President and over the years has headed up several initiatives including charity golf and baseball tournaments. Rod will miss working with all the other firefighters that lend a hand to the charity and the opportunity to give back.
“I’ve learned that when firefighters are asked to help out with anything they put their heart into it.” said Griffith who became well known for bringing firefighters together to help out with the charity. If an event was short on volunteers the CFBTS would look towards Rod to gather the volunteers needed. He never failed.
Although Rod is too modest to say so, he has played a big part in the success of the charity over the last 28 years. Rod has never expected any recognition for his volunteer efforts whether it was the CFBTS or helping out with other firefighter initiatives. In recognition of all his years of service Rod was nominated by the CFBTS for a national volunteer award for Community Leadership in 2019.
“I feel privileged and proud to have been a part of such a great team for so many years.” said Rod. “I will definitely miss seeing everyone and being part of this great society.”
Your Brothers and Sisters at the a Calgary Firefighter’s Burn Treatment Society Thanks you Rod!!! You will be missed.