Thank Altheia for organizing this event and choosing the Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society as her charity of choice.  Crowned as Mrs. Jamaica recently.

CFBTS formed in 1978 – First Hotstuff calendar in1988

All firefighters who dedicate and volunteer our off-duty hours towards raising awareness and funds for the Burn Treatment Centre – Foothills Hospital.

Our goal is to raise over $300,000 per year, and it’s events like these that help us to achieve that goal.

Our funds go towards equip. upgrades, specialized equip., continuing education for burn unit staff and new burn treatment research.  With CFBTS help Calgary Burn Research Team has won a 1.1 million dollar grant for skin graft research using stem cells.

Burn injuries very unique, not like breaking a bone, they last a lifetime.  Firefighters used to get burned a lot, thankfully with better equipment and training these occurrences have decreased.  Most burns occur to the public in their own home.  These days 70% burns occur in the home; generally in the kitchen.  Safety message: Please be safe in your kitchen particularly around hot oil.

I’ll plug one of our events occurring in April, it’s our annual LNO.  One of our premiere events of the year.  Please come see me afterwards if you’d like to attend.

Thank you to everyone again, have a fantastic evening, and sign those silent auction sheets!