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Chris 2014Hotstuff Calendar Since the 80’s

The HotStuff Calendar began in 1987. It was created as a fundraiser to raise awareness for the Calgary Firefighters cherished charity, the Calgary Burn Treatment Centre. Larry, a firefighter and photographer organized and produced the early years of the calendar.

The firefighters who modeled for the calendar were originally selected as part of the Ladies Night Out event. They would do runway work and entice the female audience for their vote. Now the selections are made from volunteers. When there are more than 13 good-looking guys, we increase the number of months in the calendar and add bonus poster pages as an extra for our supporters buying the calendar.

The calendar has changed its look and size over the years; we had one edition that was black and white, and there was even a ‘shirts on’ calendar year. Our photographers and graphic designers have worked hard to give the calendar a strong look that goes beyond your standard calendar page.

The Firefighters Museum of Calgary is instrumental in providing vintage fire trucks and props used in the backgrounds. Along with the Calgary Firefighters Antique Brigade who’s truck has been featured for many years in the calendar. In addition, the modern fire trucks utilized in the calendar are generously supplied by Rocky Mountain Phoenix.

The Hotstuff calendar has won many awards for its design and photography. It is considered one of the best firefighter calendars available and is hotly anticipated each year.

It takes a team of volunteers

The calendar work begins months ahead of the photo shoot itself held each spring. CFBTS volunteers begin by creating concept sketches for each year and discussing them with the photographer. Each year we try to find new exciting locales and scenarios for the shots.  A photo shoot team is then pulled together, usually the same faces from previous years, consisting of a photographer, photographer assistants, and a makeup artist.

Locations must be scouted for the shots and arrangements made for the use of all the props in each shot. The Firefighters Museum of CalgaryCalgary Firefighters Antique Brigade, Rocky Mountain Phoenix and STARS Air Ambulance have all been involved over the years.

The firefighters receive minimal makeup, often with just charcoal and oil on their bodies to bring out definition and give some mood to the look.

Numerous different images are taken of each firefighter with smoke and coloured gels added as needed. In some years, we have created controlled fires to enhance the shot. CFBTS member, the production crew and a select group of volunteers then help select the best image of each firefighter to be used in the calendar.

Then at long last, the calendars are available to the eager hands of people who have supported this cause for so long!

We’ll come out and support your event

The Hotstuff Calendar has a longstanding tradition in the fundraising efforts of the Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society. The firefighters who appear in the calendar do so knowing that their participation helps raise funds and awareness for the Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Centre.

By appearing in the calendar these individuals also commit to donating numerous hours of their time to various promotional events throughout the year. The “Hotstuff Calendar Guys”, as they have become known, make many appearances at Hotstuff events as well as other CFBTS fundraisers.

If you have an event that would benefit the CFBTS and you would like to have a few Hotstuff calendar guys make an appearance, please email us at, or give us a call 403.701-BURN (2876).

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