Hotstuff Fundraiser Fun Event for Charity

We have all heard of the Hotstuff calendar. Twelve pages of chiseled abs and provocative poses that feature our city’s firefighters. Women and even some men wait patiently for each year’s issue to come out so they can plaster their walls with the men who keep our city safe.

On Oct.5, The Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society threw its second annual fundraiser event the, “Win a date with a Hotstuff Firefighter” at the Back Alley nightclub. The event featured 14 of the featured Hotstuff Calendar Firefighters as they were raffled off to four lucky ladies who get to go on a date with their choice of firefighter. One Hundred per cent of the proceeds go to the Foothills Hospital Burn Unit.

“We could not do what we do without the help and time that these guys spend.”
The Hotstuff Calendar is just one of several events the Burn Treatment Society puts on to raise money for the Burn Unit at the Foothills hospital. With the money raised, Foothills Medical Center decides what the unit needs most and purchases these items to improve the unit’s service.

The Hotstuff Firefighters donate their time for one full year to help the charity.

“We could not do what we do without the help and time that these guys spend.” said society director Thomas Kerr.

Although the fundraiser had to compete for the ladies attention with “Body Heat” a group of male strippers who perform at the Back Alley for ladies night, each firefighter walked around and were able to sell a substantial amount of tickets for an event that they feel has a great cause.

“As a firefighter you get to see people in the initial stage of their burns and you know how long and hard the road to recovery is, so anything we can do to make it easier for burn victims is totally worth coming out and canvassing the community.” said Casey Haddock, a Calgary firefighter.

“It’s going to a great cause and to some deserving people.”
Looking around the Back Alley with Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” glaring in the background the volunteer firefighters worked hard talking to guests trying to sell the red raffle tickets that symbolize the money that will go to the Foothills Medical Center, Burn Unit. With red tickets in almost every woman’s hands, the ladies waited for their chance to win a date with one of the featured firefighters.

“I haven’t been out in 20 years,” exclaims Linda Hagman a 50-year-old grandma. “ My daughter dragged me out here. Its all in the name of charity that’s why I’m here, to support the firefighters.” Hagman said while folding her red tickets into her palm.

As the night continued the city’s firefighters gathered on stage and waited to be chosen to go on a date. Each firefighter standing on stage was slightly red from blushing in the bright lights but they were all grinning cheek-to-cheek, happy to be there.

When the winning ticket numbers were called you could hear screams of joy and excitement. The lucky winners were: Melissa Volk with Devin Uhrynchuk, Shaunna Brimacombe with Brad Lawrence, Stephanie Wamsteeker with Ryan Poirrer and Karen Queiroga with Neil Brown.

“I kept saying please, please, please, please call my number” exclaims Queirago, who won the date for her daughter’s upcoming 18th birthday.

When asked how it felt being up on stage during the selection process firefighter Brown said, “ Oh man, this is why I’m not a stripper.”

Kerr who was featured in the 2008 Hotstuff Calendar and also conducts annual tours of the burn unit to the calendars firefighters was more than happy with the outcome of the night.

“After that you can’t stop. Its amazing to see where it all goes,” says Kerr. “It’s going to a great cause and to some deserving people.”

The event raised $500, which all the proceeds will go to Foothills Burn Unit.