A Huge Congratulations to Alex Chisholm BSc.PT, PgCpain, F-CFCH

Alex Chisholm, one of the physiotherapists we work closely with at the Burn Unit, was asked to contribute an article to “Physiotherapy Practice’ the academic journal of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Her article; “Easing the Fire in Burn Pain: How does Hypnosis and ‘50 Shades of Grey’ Ease the Agony,” is a fantastic showcase of the one of many different types of treatment methods employed to treat pain in burn survivors.

‘Pain is not just a tissue issue. Pain affects the whole person, so we treat the whole person. Hypnosis is ideally suited to treat the whole person. What does that mean? Pain is affected by context, beliefs, emotion, physiology, self-efficacy, etc. In hypnosis, we can target many of the factors that may be driving pain.’ – Alex Chisholm

In the article Alex describes how hypnosis was used to help two of our friends and CFBTS supporters. David and Danna were able to cope with pain through mastery of the mind.

In Dana’s case hypnosis helped where many traditional methods for pain management were no longer effective.

‘Hypnosis was a chance to get out my head and go somewhere more pleasant.’ – Danna

Again, we want to congratulate, encourage and thank Alex for her phenomenal work supporting burn survivors.

Your support of the CFBTS is crucial in allowing our medical team of experts, such as Alex, the ability to do the work they do, treating patients across Southern Alberta. Please consider a donation by clicking on the link in our bio.

You can read Alex’s full article from ‘Physiotherapy Practice’ March/April 2022 issue here➡️➡️➡️

Or download here:


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