This week we celebrate the profession that revolutionized modern medicine.

Nursing came in to high public regard in the mid 19th century, when Florence Nightingale led a contingent of nurses to British Military Medical Barracks during the British Crimerian War.

Through the application of scientific methods, nurses significantly improved casualty care. Within weeks death rates plummeted!

Practices introduced by the nurses including modern wound care, sterilization of medical supplies, as well as sanitation of the facilities were major contributions to modern medicine and disease containment and control.

In disease, death and disaster, nurses form the backbone of our healthcare system. Even now, as we continue facing a pandemic, nurses are at the forefront of the battle; leading the way until the fight is done.

We wish to salute all the wonderful Nurses during #nationanursesweek and especially our good friends at the Burn Unit for their tireless work helping burn victims and their families in southern Alberta! Thank you!

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