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Who we are:

Since 1978, the CFBTS has been involved in community. A registered charity we consist of a board of 20 professional firefighters who volunteer their time and efforts. We have 5 Executive, 15 directors. We have virtually no overhead as we have no paid staff.  We were born out of Local 255. We work closely with community groups and leaders to support our fundraising.

We fundraise for initiatives that support our mission of Rehabilitation, Education, Prevention, Research, Support.


From the Society’s inception, the goal was to support the purchasing of equipment, and continue to support expertise for ‘burn victims’ who are citizens of Calgary and Southern Alberta. Those goals, set by Calgary Firefighters who volunteered their time remain the basic focus of ever evolving Society’s group of directors. While over the years, Directors names have changed, but our goal remains the same. Support our 255 brothers and sisters, support our community, provide help for those who require our support. We have raised over 6 million to date.


We accept support year round. Throughout the year, you can find us involved in numerous community events. Scotiabank, tradeshows, Burn Survivors………


We can be seen throughout town. Involved with the other Firefighter Social groups.


Annual Event (Online Social Networking, Ladies Night Out, Calendar, sponsor events, Major donor giving) Lias with the Calgary Health Trust and CFBTS Unit for initiatives and direction

Major Current Success

Sponsored $300,000 to stem cell research. Alberta Government then enabled our researchers with  over $900,000 to study ‘Split Thickness Skin Grafting’. This research is to better skin grafting for ALL skin related disease or injury. Growing healthy skin from an  individuals own stem cell. The benefit will be skin that looks, has the same properties and less likely to be rejected by the bodies natural protective measures.

What can the public do ?

Support our society. Attend our events. Sponsor some of our intiatives. Provide items for charitable events. FACEBOOK / TWITTER / WEBSITE / CALENDAR


Box 136, 440 – 10816 Macleod Trail S., Calgary, Alberta  T2J 5N8  (403) 701-2876  Fax (403) 271-0744

Web site: https://cfbts.org  Email:  cffbts@shaw.ca  Registration No. 11891-5925-RR0001