cfbtsKnow Where Your Donations Are Going

It has come to our attention an organization calling themselves “The Burn Victims Aid Society” or “BVAS” based out of Lethbridge, Alberta is approaching businesses across Canada representing themselves as a charity raising funds through the use of coin operated breathalyzer and prize vending machines. They purportedly claim to work and donate to the local firefighters and burn units. The Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society and the Foothills Medical Centre Burn Unit DO NOT condone, support or are in any way affiliated with the Burn Victims Aid Society.

A reported incident in St. Albert, Alberta tells of how a child won a “Grand Prize” from a BVAS coin machine; in an attempt to claim said prize the child was then directed to a pornographic website. The machine has since been removed from this location and the RCMP have been contacted to investigate. Similar stories of people being mislead and false representation by the BVAS are popping up in Winnipeg, Port Coquitlam and Edmonton.

Again we emphasize your local burn treatment societies and local firefighters have no association with the BVAS. In fact, it should be noted a photo displayed prominently on the BVAS website depicting firefighters smiling with a child was copied without permission from a 2007 muscular dystrophy charity event held by our Brothers from the Adrian Volunteer Fire Department in Missouri.

Please ensure you are aware of where your donations are going, if you observe any breathalyzer/prize machines alleging to be supporting local firefighters, burn units or burn foundations please email or call us at 403-701-BURN. Furthermore, if you are approached by someone and you feel their actions are suspicious, you are encouraged to contact your local police department. The Calgary Police Service non-emergency number is 403-266-1234.